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Vita Pro Shampoo


Improves appearance of hair thickness

Promotes overall health, look & feel of hair

Gently cleanses & nourishes hair & scalp


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This warm and sweet, vanilla-scented blend is packed with vitamins that revitalize and nourish the hair from the root. Vitamins B3, B7, ProVitamin B5, and amino acid, Arginine, hydrate and feed the scalp and hair during cleansing to promote the appearance of thicker, stronger hair.

Mad Naturals’ sulfate-free shampoo gently, yet thoroughly, cleanses the scalp and hair, effectively removing dirt, oils and silicones from the hair’s surface. This leaves the hair feeling and looking refreshed. Chinese Skullcap soothes and retains moisture, helping the appearance of excess oils. The volumizing formula creates natural-looking fullness and shine.