Vita Pro Shampoo — Vita Pro Shampoo Sage Hair Serum Sage Hair Serum —

Vita Pro Conditioner


Replenishes moisture to help revitalize dull, dry hair

Provides nourishing hydration for healthy silk & shine

Improves the appearance of thicker, fuller hair

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Nourish and hydrate hair with this sweet, vanilla-scented conditioner. Full of hydrating vitamins, Mad Naturals’ sulfate-free formula helps retain moisture to improve the appearance of dull, dry and damaged hair. While gently detangling hair, our easily spreadable conditioner controls the appearance of frizz without causing buildup.

Specially formulated with plant extracts, our conditioner helps improve the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Vitamins C and B3 keep hair healthy and enhances the feel and appearance of suppleness, body and shine. This leaves hair feeling soft and revitalized with an extra natural silky slip.