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Mad Chill Lip Hydrator


This creamy lip hydrator is unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever tried before; with it’s hint of peppermint this natural lip accessory is necessary!

Ever get annoyed at sticky textured lip glosses? Tired of complaints that your glitter residue is on someone else’s lips? Stains on your shirt or mask from your favorite long lasting lip stick rubbing off?

MAD NATURAL is the way to be.

This weightless lip conditioner will enrich your natural look without having to reapply often. Use up old favorites of yours and make the switch to being mad natural. Once you try this hydrating enhancer you won’t regret it.


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Botanicals extractions used are found in mushrooms that help rejuvenate the appearance of your lips. This product is also kid friendly with it’s natural ingredients and kissing approved from both sides. This natural lip enhancer comes in a easy, no mess applicator for easy use. Natural plant peptides used along with Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil and a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil.

This one of a kind product comes with a free chapstick to add shine if you’re looking for that!

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Photos by: Biancam Studios, LLC