What is Mad Natural?

Madison Mizrahi’s Story

Growing up in New York helped shape Madison into the woman she is today. From the arts and culture of NYC and the beaches in the Hamptons, to the camping and hiking Upstate, the perfect storm was brewing to create her madness.

Fast forward to graduating with a Masters’ Degree in Chinese Medicine in Manhattan, she finally found a path that allowed her to pursue all of her passions at once. This degree incorporated Qi Gong, healthy exercise, foods, medicinal herbs, mindfulness and yoga into her daily practice as the classes at school became her lifestyle.

During school she received her Reiki Master level degree and started teaching and certifying others in Reiki. She also trained and became certified in Crystal Healing.

During the summer of graduation, she left the country twice, once to Israel and then to Costa Rica where self-discovery played a huge role. After traveling to the middle of nowhere to find herself, Madison completed a teacher training in Yoga out of the country and finally settled in a West Palm Beach, a quaint town in sunny south Florida.

After her herbal training she chose to pursue education in Essential Oils and now uses them as a tool to help clients. Since these oils became such an important part of her personal practice she decided to share. Working with the sole company that provides certified therapeutic grade oils she also incorporates these terpenes into her own Mad Natural products along with her treatments and yoga classes.
Mad Natural started to become a source of inspiration, spreading information to leading a healthy lifestyle and personal growth and awareness. As people started requesting more samples of things that were made for herself, she started to produce better recipes and more products. The line of items now is fully equipped with all the basics for your medicine cabinet. Firmly believing less is more, you will never find excess or unnecessary products listed here.

This site is made to connect you and Mad Natural to help YOU find a more mad natural way of life, simply put “here to help you.” In the confusing times we live in, it’s better to be aware and conscious of what we are diving into when it comes to health.